28 diciembre 2008

Neo2_The Labyrinth

No Mod/Copy/No Trans.5 layers (underwear,pants,underhirt,shirt,jacquet).3 styles (soft,medium,dark).
for male & female

23 diciembre 2008

Dark Yakuza

No Mod/Copy/No Trans.4 layers (underwear,underhirt,shirt,jacquet).3 styles (soft,medium,dark).
Male Version...female version coming soon

City of Lost Angels-Little China

The Hunt


19 diciembre 2008

the Black Widow

a new collaboration with *G&G* including: 4 sexy tops,2 short shirts including transparency,2 shorts, 4 leggins & a full body tattoo in 3 tones. Tattoo is mod copy no trans. Enjoy it!

11 diciembre 2008


No Mod, No Trans, Copy. 4 layers (undershirt,shirt,jacquet,underwear).3 styles (faded,medium,darken)

Ghost Geisha

Mod, No Trans, Copy. 3 layers (undershirt,shirt,jacquet).3 styles (faded,medium,darken)

The Absolom

No Mod, No Trans, Copy. 3 layers (undershirt,shirt,jacquet).3 styles (faded,medium,darken)